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Assalamualaykum - peace be with you.

Dear Viewer:

We are living in turbulent times when we are under the microscope of criticism and unjust smear campaign. If we do not respond with a balanced message rectifying the distorted image of Islam and Muslims in mainstream media, the result will be more misconceptions, more misunderstandings and more stereotyping. How long are we going to keep thinking that the problem is going to go away by itself - let us do something positive to counter this negativity. 

To open the door of understanding, the Centre does the following:

1) produces and distributes a number of unmatched pamphlets on topics such as "depression and how Islam can help", "kindness to animals" and many more.
2) provides free seminar on Islam and Muslims at schools, churches, universities and prisons. 
3) sets up information table at various locations in order to talk to people and present Islam in an objective and evenhanded fashion. 

Centre's approach to Da'wah

Please support our vibrant 
Da'wah program TODAY!

Please contribute towards 
setting up da'wah tables and 
free distribution of literature

Da'wah Program PHOTO Gallery

The more you give, the more we can present inshaAllah.



May Allah (swt) accept your contribution, reward you amply and bless you with much happiness, ameen!

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