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Don't You Want to know ONE OF THE WAYS to get Allah's shade 
on THE DAY O JUDGMENT when there will be no shade but HIS ?

If you want to experience an immediate boost in your emaan and happiness, then here's your BIG CHANCE...

Dear Muslim:

Picture this for a moment...

Imagine being shaded on the Day of Judgment by the shade of Allah (swt) when there will be no shade but His.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
“There are seven whom Allah will shade in His Shade on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade…"
(Bukhari & Muslim)

How much are you willing to pay to get that shade? Probably everything that you have today because the SUN will be only a mile away from you on that DAY as reported from the prophet (saw):

 “On the Day of Resurrection, the SUN would draw so close to the people that
there would be left a distance of only one mile…” (Muslim)

If you are truly serious about getting that shade, then we have got something that can help you get it inshaAllah.
But First, Let Us Be Honest For A Minute...
Have you ever given SADAQA in a manner that you left hand did not know what your right hand had given?
Now I can almost hear you saying… “please help me give SADAQA in that manner so I could also hope for that SHADE.” That is correct.

All You Need To Do Is To Give Some Of Your Wealth In Charity In a Manner That Your Left Hand Does Not Know What Your Right Hand Has Given and By doing that, you can hope for that SHADE ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT !!!

So Where Exactly Your SADAQA Will be Spent?

It will be spent in supporting the following programs at the Centre:

 · Da’wah Program (providing relevant materials to non-Muslims and new Muslims).

·  Video Production Program (developing educational video series on misconceptions in Islam, media stereotyping against Muslims, etc.).

·  Pamphlet Production Program (creating in-house pamphlets on topics such as “who are Muslims?”, depression, Ramadan, etc.).

·  Weekly Radio Show (clearing misconceptions about Islam and Muslims every Thursday via Dalhousie University’s Radio Station in Halifax, N.S. Canada).

·  Weekly New Muslim Class (providing guidance and support to new Muslims).

·  Prison Program (providing inmates with educational materials on Islam).

·  Weekly Arabic Program for Men and for Women (sponsoring students who cannot afford the minimum tuition).

·  Weekly Qur’an Program for Men and for Women.

Last but not least, Community Outreach Program (providing help to the needy in the community).

Dear brother/sister in Islam, please ask yourself: 
will your wealth NOT be well spent in supporting these programs ?

Get One Step Closer To Getting That SHADE 
By Subscribing Below:

Allah says in the Qur'an: "The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is that of a grain: it grows SEVEN ears and each ear has a HUNDRED grains. 
And Allah gives manifold INCREASE to whom He pleases..." (Qur'an: chp 2: v 261)

Please pick your monthly donation amount below:

Or a One TIME Donation for as much as your HEART desires!


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Why wait another day? It may NEVER COME!!!

May Allah (swt) accept your contribution and increase your wealth, ameen.

Yours in success in this life and the life to come,


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If you are transferring funds from outside Canada, please note the 
Swift Code: BOFMCAM2


Instruction for donors in the UK:

Bank: HSBC
Account Title: Centre for Islamic Development Fundraising Society (CIDFS)
Account Number: 74017765
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Please contact:
Brother Adil at adilkayani99@hotmail.com or
Sister Lutfa at jazmin_begum@hotmail.com or
Sister Mariam at mazer78@hotmail.com for more information on how to donate to CID if you are living in the UK.

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