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Dear Muslim: Assalamualaykum - peace be with you.

Regardless of what position you hold in life, you must admit that we are faced with a perplexing reality of today's media. On the surface, the media shows that it is providing you with news and information but under the surface, the media has a toxic blend of stereotyping, repetitive negativity and disproportionate amount of propaganda.

The Question is:

What can you as a Muslim do to change the negative perception of Muslims in the media? 

What is Muslim Media Production?

Dear Muslim:

Do not complain TOMORROW about DISCRIMINATION... 
PLEASE support a vibrant media production TODAY!

"Would it not be nice to have a Muslim response to racism?" We have heard your wish, watch below:

Please help us put the right message in the media, you will be rewarded amply inshaAllah!


CID Media Production Videos

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