Welcome to the Centre for Islamic Development

New Muslim Class: Every Wednesday @ 6:00pm @ the centre (2728 Robie Street, Halifax)

Contact us at will.king@gmail.com or at (902) 455 1887 for more information.

About the "New Muslim" Class:

This class is designed to give an in-depth understanding of the basic principle of Islam. We believe this is a critical class because it is important to build proper understanding with balanced views. If the foundation is weak, then whatever is built on the foundation will also be weak. 

This class deals with the fundamentals of theology and jurisprudence. 

This class is by no means restricted to newcomers, everyone who wants to learn is welcome. 

Resources at the Centre for new Muslims:

1) Books on basics of Islam
2) Qur'an Translations
3) Arabic Language Course (Contact br. Yaffa at 

Learn how to pray: please watch below:

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