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Newspapers, TV programs and some internet sites publish incorrect information about Islam and hence, creating confusion and mistrust amongst common people. This creates an environment of hostility towards Muslims. 

If we keep delaying and not investing in sound literature, we will be the creators of our own discrimination and hatred from people who have been fed distorted messages from different media about Islam and Muslims. We only have ourselves to blame if we do not act NOW to counter the misconceptions.

We at the Centre, are putting the energy to publish our pamphlets by which people get to know what Islam teaches. Our unmatched pamphlets are eye-openers for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike as they deal with real-life issues that everyone faces.

CID's approach to pamphlets:

The Centre is currently working on the following Pamphlets:

1) Gifts of Islam
2) Ramadan
3) Discrimination

The cost of printing pamphlets in high volume is approximately $1000 per order.

Have a pick at our pamphlets:
If any organization or masjid that wants to order these pamphlets in bulk, please email to cidonline.halifax@gmail.com or phone at (902) 455 1887.


These pamphlets will be great for Da'wah,
use them and see the benefit !

Please help us produce and distribute these pamphlets free of charge to clear misconceptions and to plant understanding in the minds of our neighbours, friends and the general public. 
May Allah reward you amply, ameen!



May Allah (swt) accept your contribution, reward you amply and bless you with much happiness, ameen!

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