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Ihsan Educational Centre

Ihsan Educational Centre is based on  a traditional curriculum, which is aimed at providing students with the proper tools of learning before concentration on “subjects”.  These tools can be classified as: having a strong base in language, how to use it, how to critically analyze information, and how to express oneself elegantly and persuasively.  With these tools in hand, a student will then be ready to free-mindedly tackle any so-called “subject”.  This is the basis of a traditional liberal education; to teach students how to learn for themselves. Ihsan is for children from primary to grade 10.

The goals of Ihsan Educational Centre are:
1) building good character, 
2) cultivating self-respect and respect for others,
3) developing productive citizens that build civilization and
4) developing scholars in students' field of interest 

Academically, the school focuses on Qur’an, Tahfidh, a solid grounding in Islamic knowledge and manners, intensive Arabic language studies, and a traditional, liberal English curriculum.  The goal of our teachers is to provide student with an enjoyable and motivational learning experience.  In recognition of each child’s individuality and developmental speed, there are no age/grade level trappings; students work according to their personal level and pace.  The classes are multi-level and small in size, allowing for high individual attention. A “hands-on” approach to learning will be used whenever possible.  Elementary students at Ihsan are not assigned homework, aside from occasional weekend assignments and projects.  Properly motivated students will spend their personal free time in self-learning, which is the most beneficial type.  As well, due to the daily intensive Qur’an memorization, students should allot some time each evening for recitation/review.
a) Qur’an memorization, b) Tajwid and reading Arabic, c) Islamic Studies, d) English, e) Math, f) History, g) Science, h) Art and i) Physical Education.
Fees: $200. for the first child. $150 for the second and additional children.  Fees are due the first of every month.

Application Process

Please contact the principle, Sadaf Khan at 902-455-1887.

Photo Gallery

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